Ron arrives at the Venue 30 minutes before the start of the Party to set up & have party music playing as the guests are arriving.
The Party starts with Music, & Games, Ron supplies the Prizes. The Music & Games are followed with The Fun Magic Show, Featuring Charlie the cheeky Monkey, who performs the World famous banana trick, & Awards the Birthday Child with a magic wand, so that they can help with the Magic during the Show.

After the first hour we take a break for the Party food & The Birthday Cake Ceremony. Singing Happy Birthday. The break is usually 15 minutes.
Then it's on with the Show, with Party Dances, And Competitions. The Limbo to win Monkeys on trees, The Penguin competition, ETC

The Party concludes in a Riot of colour as all of the Children receive their Balloon models to take home with them.

The Birthday Child receives a Magic Wand, Certificate, 1st Class helper badge, & lots of Balloon Models.

Some of the Balloon models the Birthday Boy or Girl win during the show.

Birthday Boy:
5 Balloon Octopuss.
5 Balloon Motorbike.
Monkey on a tree.
Fish on a fishing rod.
Pirate sword.

Birthday Girl:
5 Balloon Octopuss
5 Balloon Butterfly
Monkey on a tree
Fish on a fishing rod

The Party can be in your Home or in a Hall very Big or very Small.
Ron has public Liabilty insurance with British Actors Equity & is CRB Cleared.